Virtual dedicated servers (VDS) work exactly the same as any other computer except they are located in a remote data center and they are permanently switched on and connected to the Internet.

You can log into a VDS at any time from anywhere in the world and use it just like you use your local PC.

Read more about what you can do with a virtual dedicated server below.

To configure a VDS, simply drag the blue slider below the laptop to set the amount of RAM. Other resources will automatically change to match the amount of RAM selected.

RAM is power! You'll need lots of RAM, CPU cores and disk space if you intend to use your VDS for busy web hosting or CPU intensive applications.

Please choose an an operating system version. We'll install the free trial version of your chosen operating system and fully update it before delivery.


Note: You will need to supply an activation key after the free trial expires to keep using the computer.

Please change the option below to if you would like to use your own license key and install the operating system yourself.


We'll insert the OS installation disk into your virtual DVD drive and reboot it. You can then log in to finish the installation via Remote Desktop Connection.

Please choose the self install option if you would like to use your own license key during the installation.

Note: We don't recommend using cheap Windows license keys from online marketplaces unless you are certain they are legal and geniune.

Read this article for more information.

We use automatic PayPal payment subscriptions so you don't need to remember to pay each month.

Our minimum subscription period is one month so if you unsubscribe half way through a month, you can continue to use your VDS until the month ends.

We'll give you a full automatic refund if you cancel within the first 7 days so you can try it risk free!